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Fot. Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship

This is the most varied landscape in the region. Its uniqueness consists of the hundreds of crystal-clear lakes, the hilly terrain covered by beautiful forests and the sandy beaches of the coast. These lands have been inhabited for centuries by the indigenous Kashubians, who have maintained fidelity to their customs and have thus managed to retain their own language and literature.


The Museum of Kashubian Writing and Music
84-200 Wejherowo, ul. Zamkowa 2А,
tel. (+48) 058 672-29-56,

The Workshop and Museum of Kashubian Pottery

Fot. Agata Mróz

The Workshop and Museum of Kashubian Pottery Chmielno is one of the oldest places in Pomerania, with a mention of a settlement dating back to 1220. The famous pottery works of the Necel family has been in production here from the 19th century to the present day. Here one can watch the process of crockery being made by hand, decorated and fired. In 1993 the Museum of Kashubian Pottery was opened with displays of goods produced by the last three generations of potters. Also in Kashubia, in the town of Szymbark, you can see the World’s Longest Plank, which is 36.93 m long.


The World’s Longest Plank:
The Centre for Education and Regional Promotion Szymbark,
tel. (+48) 058 685-05-29, 058 684-69-33

The Museum of Kashubian Pottery
83-333 Chmielno,
ul. Gryfa Pomorskiego 65,
tel. (+48) 058 684-22-89 http://necel.w.interia.pl

Author: Marta Widzicka, published date: 2007.10.05 14:44